Discovery is a series of studies exploring the Christian faith. Discovery has been written with two groups of people in mind: 1) those considering the Christian faith and want to know more about it and, 2) people who have recently become Christians and want to begin building their knowledge about their new-found faith. Each short chapter looks at various topics such as Relatiuonships, Who is God? Who is Jesus? The Significance of the Crucifixion and Resurrection and many others which explain the more common aspects of Christianity.
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As the country continues to emerge from the covid 19 restrictions there is one phrase I am hearing again and again from many different quarters – “The church must change – it cannot continue as it has done”. I’m hearing this from different people in different parts of the country. Just this week I’ve heard it from someone from Colchester and people in Hampshire. It was the most recent occurrence this week that made me realise it is being said so often that it isn’t just a coincidence and that it must be the Holy Spirit prompting people to voice this. And if it is Him that is bringing this message then it must be God who is giving Him that message. This means it is the cry coming from the very Throneroom of God!I’ve read Tommy Tenny’s book several times and have recently started reading it again. I quickly recognized that although the book was written many years ago, it could almost have been written for the period of time the church is in now. If you are hearing this cry from heaven that the church must change and that it cannot carry on as it has done then I would thoroughly recommend you get hold of this book and see what God says to you from it. You can buy it online from several outlets both new and used.